Today in this talk, I will expose the five most valuable PHP projects for beginners with source code. So, Keep with us till the end.

In the world of automation and coding, the programming language and the rapid development of advanced technologies are widely used.

A programming language is a computer language used by programmers where instructions are written in a specific language to perform a particular task. For web developers, web designers, to software quality assurance engineers, programming languages are needed for various causes.

PHP is one of the oldest and most robust programming languages among the best top programming languages in demand.

What is PHP?

PHP is a widely used server-side scripting language embedded in HTML pages for server-side execution. Developers mostly use this general-purpose language in web development as it allows them to create dynamic content and interact with databases. Originally known as "personal home page", PHP now stands for Hypertext Pre-processor.

PHP Projects for Beginners with source code

Used by almost 8 out of 10 websites you visit on the internet, PHP powers some powerful platforms like WordPress and Facebook. The features of simplicity, flexibility, and speed make it a cornerstone in the web development world. It has been around for a long time, evolving with continuous upgrades, adding new features and unlocking new capabilities.

Why use PHP in projects?

With so many programming languages out there, you might wonder why use PHP as the poison for web programming. The point is several aspects of PHP set it apart from other languages,

  • It is open-source and free
  • It is easily understood and learned
  • It is cross-platform, allowing you to deploy your application on several operating systems.
  • It supports all leading databases and is compatible with most servers
  • Large community document
  • It has in-built support

Some of the PHP projects for beginners with source code

Starting with PHP Projects for beginners with source code is advisable if you've recently entered your PHP learning journey with a basic language understanding.

1. Product rating system

You have encountered multiple product rating systems prevalent in e-commerce stores, from small to big ones. It is an effective way to get user feedback about the product or service, with five stars being the highest and one star being considered the lowest. 

Eventually, it offers dual benefits, enhances user experience, and empowers companies to seek ways to serve customers more effectively and proactively.

If you run an e-commerce store, try creating a dynamic start rating system with PHP and integrate it into your website. The steps towards building a simple star rating using PHP often include database and table creation, server connection, plugin setup, display, and implementation. Furthermore, a sentiment analysis solution can be designed to evaluate the sentiment of the reviews depending on specific keywords.

Source code: A product rating system

2. Chatbot application

Chatbot is one of the exciting PHP Projects for beginners that will continue to grow and become more lucrative in the coming future. It works great to engage users and reduce wait times. In this program of creating a simple chatbot using PHP, there is a chat form with an input field and a "send" button to type messages and send them to the bot. 

Whenever users ask anything to the bot, the PHP project lets the bot analyze the question and answer accordingly. If the query exists in the database, it provides an instant reply. But responds like "Sorry, we can't understand you" if the question does not match the database. Here, you must implement AI and UI knowledge alongside PHP.

Source code: Chatbot

3. Timetable generator

Here's a captivating endeavour where you'll create a customized algorithm supporting a timetable object. No doubt one of the fantastic PHP Projects for beginners with source code. This object will come furnished with multiple class objects representing a variety of classrooms and will also feature a fitness score. 

No doubt, manual timetable scheduling demands considerable time and effort. But automating the process can save a lot of time. It will simplify manual work, provides up-to-date information, gives accurate information, and minimizes documentation-related work.

The design of this project will be pretty simple. It will contain an admin and user side, including functional requirements like login/register system, admin panel, student account, timetable allocation details, create notices, and course details.

Source code: Timetable generator

4. Simple inventory system

To streamline inventory management, this project facilitates seamless tracking of sales and transactions for a particular industry. The main purpose is to digitize manual work for maintaining inventory data, and it has a secure login mechanism allowing users to access its functionality. The simple Inventory system is showing as 4th level in PHP Projects for Beginners list.

And the features include an inventory list, login and logout, multi-user support, category management, product management, customer management, reports, and more. Users can generate customized reports for daily, monthly, or quarterly summaries. 

From up-to-date details on item quantities sold to current stock available in the warehouse to corresponding prices, the system generates insightful reports tailored to users' preferences.

Source code: Inventory management system

5. Clothes recommendation system

You can develop a clothes recommendation project for your online clothing store using PHP. It is a crucial tool to conduct a successful e-commerce business for increased sales and user engagement in fashion. 

The recommendation can be based on features like the customer's height, weight, body type, or age while considering your customer's browsing and previous purchase history, items in their wish list, or items they have eyed. You can also use collaborative filtering to suggest accurate and efficient recommendations while identifying user similarities.

Source code: Clothes recommendation system 


So, these are some of the PHP Projects for beginners you can consider working on to improve your PHP skills. All of these mentioned PHP Projects require minimum assistance and resources to finish. And once you are satisfied with your PHP Projects for Beginners, you can progress to intermediate and advanced PHP projects like Video Editor, Image Editor, Resume Builder etc., and gradually evolve into a professional PHP developer.