Hey! I was waiting for you, and Now you're here. You are running around the Internet for an advanced ECommerce Website in PHP/MySQL with source code. So, Let's get started with a detailed summary of the ECommerce Website in PHP with source code. Don't get scared by this lengthy piece of paper. Here is clean step-by-step guidance for the Simple and Advanced ECommerce Website in PHP with source code.

ECommerce Website

An ECommerce Website, Simply an Online shopping store, helps businesses uniquely present their business in front of the world. From other perspectives, It helps customers to buy new products without setting foot under the scorching sky. It is accessible to any block of the planet through the Internet on devices like laptops, Smartphones, or PC.

In the digital age, It's a high-quality chance for offline businesses to step up their business as an online store because it helps to reach out to more customers and increase your selling percentage from 70% to 100%. Can you estimate How much the craze of ECommerce is? More than 3.8 billion users are using ECommerce Websites around the planet.  

Early Requirement for ECommerce Website

The early requirement for this ECommerce Website is to get the basic knowledge in front-end languages, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, to create a well-designed website layout. And then PHP and MySQL to handle the back-end and database management.

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Advanced ECommerce Website in PHP

Naxotop has a completely advanced level ECommerce Website built in PHP, with almost all the features you can imagine in an ECommerce Website. And, if you find a single feature missing, our professional developers are always happy to add new features and functions for you.

This ECommerce Website is fully advanced with a customizable admin and user-friendly interface. Admin can fully control the whole Website and add, delete, edit, and update products through the Admin Panel.

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But if you want to start with a low-quality simple ECommerce Website in PHP, Go with the article. Below you will find Simple ECommerce Website in PHP for free. Keep in mind this simple Website has some limited features. So, If you want a high-quality and professional Ecommerce Website, I recommend you go with the Naxotop Advance Level Website.

Simple ECommerce Website in PHP & MySQL for Free

A one-Page ECommerce Website is a far easy task with limited features and access. That's only a sample Website for showing as a PHP portfolio Website or a Final year Website. So, the one-page-based ECommerce Website in PHP is easy for beginners to manage. But it will not be enough to present your online ECommerce store or one of the best Final Year projects of the semester

Thus, you have to step up with an Advanced level ECommerce Website in PHP, If you are going to build up your online store or want a perfect ECommerce Website for your final year. 

ecommerce website in php with source code

In the end, if you aren't fulfilled with this simple ECommerce Website in PHP, Contact Naxotop to build a new simple ECommerce Website in PHP and MySQL.

Here is the beginner-level guide to running the ECommerce Website in PHP with source code.  

Step-by-Step Guide to Run the ECommerce Website in PHP with Source Code

These uncomplicated steps will allow you to run the ECommerce Website in PHP with source code. Don't be skipped the article; otherwise, you will miss some bonus steps. Let's start without wasting time. 

Step 1: Download the ECommerce Website in PHP

Just tap on the Download ECommerce Website in PHP button and download its complete version without losing your internet connection. 

Download ECommerce Project in PHP with source code

The downloaded Link is Given at the end of this section.

Step 2: Extract the ECommerce Website:

Right Click on the ECommerce Website zip file and extract it here. You will see multiple folders and files. Don't be confused, If your coding muscles are still weak.

e-commerce website in India

Step 3: Download and Install Xampp

Go to your default browser and search Download Xampp. Open the very first Website and Download the Xampp form there. Enable Web Server Apache and database server MySQL to continue this.

After downloading, Install it here with some simple steps. 

ecommerce website in php/mysql with source code

Step 4: Paste the ECommerce Website into htdocs

Copy your "ECommerce Website in PHP" folder and after that, follow the Xampp -> Htdocs and Paste there your copied folder "ECommerce Website in PHP with source code."

e-commerce website in php & mysql source code

Step 5: Open PHPmyAdmin

 Open your browser like Google Chrome, and Move to the path "localhost/phpmyadmin/.

e commerce website project

Step 6: Create a New Database

Click on the + icon and Create a database named "db_shopping." Tap on Import Tab and Upload the Database (db_shopping.sql). 

Database Path: Xampp -> htdocs -> onlineOrdering -> db_shopping.sql

e commerce website project with source code

Step 7: Go to the Website

All has been done; in the last, Open your Browser and Paste this URL into your search box, "localhost/onlineOrdering/".

Go to Admin Dashboard to customize, Add, Update, and Remove Products. 

e commerce project ideas for students

Username: admin

Password: admin

ECommerce website PHP Source code Free Download

Simple ECommerce Website in PHP Features

ECommerce website in PHP has approximately features for a beginners level website. Check here all the features of the ECommerce Website in PHP with source code. 

  1. Admin Dashboard
  2. Login/Register Page
  3. Categories Page
  4. Add to CART
  5. Add to Wishlist
  6. Customer Reviews
  7. Trusted Brands
  8. Header

1- Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard has all the essential features that a beginner can expect. 

  1. Order Management: You must manage all your customer's orders from the Order Management section. This section is complete with the subtags. Today's Orders, Pending Orders, In Progress Orders, Declined Orders, and Delivered orders. 
  2. Manage Users: All of your logged-in users will be shown there, and you can check all the connected emails and passwords without any restriction.
  3. Category: This tab allows you to add new categories and subcategories with a lengthy description.
  4. Insert & Manage Products:  By this section, You can add new products with the information required for an ECommerce product. Also can manage, update and remove products with one click.
  5. Reports: This section was developed to show your recent inventory and sales reports. It supports you in estimating your company's real-time position and condition. 
admin panel for ecommerce website in php free download

To access the admin page, Follow this URL "localhost/onlineOrdering/admin"

2- Login & Register Page

A register or Signup page helps persons or institutions to get access to your Website by putting in some required information. 

e commerce website free source code

A Login Page allows registered users to log in with the Website. 

You must fill in your Full Name, Email Address, Contact No, and Password. 

3- Categories Page

On the categories page, All the classified products are there to show. Every user can effortlessly choose the product through category. You have unlimited chances to create new category pages. 

ECommerce project in PHP with source code

4- Add to Cart

Add to CART button permits users to keep products safe without making payments. From there, you can add any product to your cart and check it later in the Product CART. 

Ecommerce Project in PHP

5- Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are important but not required information that provides a quick review of your customer experience. 

online-shopping website in php mysql full source code

6- Trusted Brands

All of your trusted and associated brands will show in this section. That helps you to boost your trust among the customers. 

e commerce website php mysql source code free download

7- Header

A menu Bar, Search Bar, and a quick shopping CART. 

This menu Bar includes My Wishlist, Add to CART, checkout, Login Page, and Track Order page links.

Search bar able you to search for any product available on this Website. 

Develop your wished ECommerce Website in PHP.

Developing a desired ECommerce website in PHP is much more difficult when you work solo, whether you want to make it for your Online Store, Final Year website, or your Portfolio

PHP and MySQL are the essential languages to complete this task. Firstly, You have to build a structure with your desired design by coding HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In this ECommerce website, PHP will use to dynamic this Website and MySQL as a Database to store data and information. 

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Benefits of ECommerce Website in PHP

An ECommerce website, simply an Online shopping Website, has unlimited features and benefits. It's useful for both consumers and store owners. Here is a detailed summary of all the main benefits for customers and businesses. 

1- Benefits for Customers

1- Buy in ComfortZone: ECommerce allows customers to buy products and services without going to the marketplace. Customers can't go to offline stores due to some reasons like health, cash, exhaustion, and time. So, ECommerce is an effortless opportunity to decrease your stress.

2- Wide Selection: ECommerce shows a wide range of products worldwide, making users' minds more soothing and tricky to buy online. In comparison to this, Offline stores only show the variety they have. 

3- Lowest Prices and Sales: ECommerce's biggest weapon to attract customers is its yearly low prices and sales. Lured by cheap things, people choose ECommerce websites instead of marketplaces.

The main reason for the low prices in ECommerce is that customers can buy directly from the whole sellers, and no middleman between them takes their share.

4- 24 Hours Open: ECommerce stores are open all day, whether evening or Night. It allows users to buy goods and services 24 hours a day, Whether they order early in the morning or the dark at midnight.

5- Products Comparison: Online customers stand competent to compare products, quality, and prices provided by the contrasting dealers, able them to buy suitable products on the Internet at reasonable prices. 

Customer Reviews and Rating: ECommerce lets its users check other customer ratings and reviews and helps customers check product quality and the retailer's attitude towards their customers before purchasing products or services.

2- Benefits for Businesses

1- Increase Business Reach: Businesses can easily boost their user reach via ECommerce compared to mortar-and-bricks shops. You must keep your product creative and improve to increase reach and sales. 

At this spot, about 3.8 billion users are now utilizing ECommerce platforms worldwide. You can imagine from this, How much craze of ECommerce is?

2- Increased sales: The ECommerce website enhances sales with a long upper line in your sales graph. It's only capable when you add to your product creativity and productivity. 

So you improve and then maintain the quality of your products as it will increase your profit and revenues.

3- Accurate customer Data: ECommerce websites collects the customer's data like age, spending expense, location, order history, reviews, liked products, etc., helping you to understand the customer and improve the customer experience, and send them more offers and similar products.

4- More Control: Businesses can update and add products, offers, prices, and duties with one mouse click, considering the market needs. It's far easy than an offline store. 

5- Automate Businesses: In the modern age, Millions of businesses automate their business with ECommerce. AI Chatbot helps in conversation and asking and answering questions with the customers. ECommerce makes orders, payments, and shipping and saves time online without much effort.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to get the Advanced ECommerce website in PHP with source code?

This ECommerce website in PHP with source code has all the required cutting-edge features that must be important for all users. To acquire the Complete ECommerce website in PHP with source code, Go to Naxotop's Contact us Page and send your message through Email, Skype, and even Whatsapp for quick response. 

This ECommerce website in PHP has all the unlimited features essential for a professional brand website or award-winning final-year Website.  

What is the technology stack being used to develop the ECommerce website?

The technology stack used to build an ECommerce website can differ depending on the features of your Website. But, Front-end and Back-end are necessary for any website. So, Keeping an eye on this stake, let's check this process. 

HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the technology known as Front-end speeches to achieve the landmark of developing the still structure, layout, and design. HTML can build a simple structure, which CSS uses to make it stylish. In the end, Basics JavaScript is used for some dynamic functions.

As the back-end, Mostly, PHP is the one that can easily do this job rather than others. PHP pushes standstill websites into dynamic pages. Additionally, MySQL also contributes a big hand to making website dynamite as this database technology allows web data to be saved, deleted, and updated in databases. 

That means You have to earn all the basics and a little advanced experience in the Front-end (Html, CSS, JavaScript) and Back-end (PHP, MySQL) to start this ECommerce website in PHP. 

What is the purpose of the ECommerce Website?

An ECommerce website is an easy-to-open online-based Website used to purchase fresh items and services. This Website allows customers to get their desired products without going to the marketplace.

The E-commerce website has eliminated the need for its customers to go to the market for a single item. It also helps offline businesses generate more sales and leads via online websites. 

In simple terms, It helps both businesses and customers and makes their life simple and modern. 

What is the target audience for the ECommerce website?

The target audience relies on the type of your ECommerce website. We can classify the audience on demographics, age, location, education, income, etc.

If you are selling luxury items, the target audience for your ECommerce website is rich users who can pay for your products without trapping in the situation. But, If your ECommerce website is about children's products, target the parents and younger children who can afford this expense.

Lastly, I cannot tell your target audience as your audience can differ on your product's behalf. You are the only one, Who can realize your exact audience. Take a deep look at your product, and you will easily know your audience. 

What are some best practices for designing an effective ECommerce website in PHP?

Here are some best practices for designing an effective ECommerce website in PHP. Take a look at the following list alternatively.

1- Create a user-friendly Interface: A user-friendly interface can assist you in interacting with your Website's users. You have to keep your layout clean up and simple. That will bring you more interactions and a better relationship with your customer. 

2- Easily Understandable Call to Action: Hold your call to action buttons clear and understandable, like "Buy product" or "Add a Cart". That will bring you better conversions via customers. 

3- Improve your Mobile Visibility: That's a great idea to enhance your Mobile Visibility as smartphone users are increasing row-by-row on a daily base. As per official reports, about 53% of worldwide ECommerce sales are done by smartphones and Tables. So, You must have carried advantages to this opportunity.   

4- Enhance your Website Speed: Boosting your Website speed can be challenging, but it's a fantastic way to interact with and expand your audience. Slow loading time destroys the relationship you built with your customer and lowers your leads. So, Optimize your Image, Use caching strategy, and minify the JavaScript and other code files to shorten your loading time. 

5- Secure Your Website: Keep your Website secure and safe away from hackers. Use SSL certificates, secure payment procedures, encryption technology, and all other techniques to protect your ECommerce website from attackers. 

6- Add review system: Add a customer review system that can enable you to build trust with the customers. Also able to attract new users attraction to your products. 

7- Improve your website credibility: Improve your Website and take a deep analysis daily. Utilize a traffic management tool to track and * your right audience. Also, analyze and Improve your website performance continuously.

What are the features and functionalities required for an ECommerce website?

Required features and functionalities can vary depending on your ECommerce website's needs. So, I will expand all the desired features for a single page or a fully advanced ECommerce website. 

1- Login & Signup Page: Login & Signup Page ables users to create an account or log in to your ECommerce website.

2- Payment Method: A payment method like PayPal is an essential feature you can never miss as it allows users to make a payment. 

3- Shopping Cart: A shopping cart allows users to add and manage products in a secure violet.

4- Customer Support: You should add a customer support option through Email, Live Chat, or Feedback to solve the user problem.

5- Mobile Responsive: Your website layout must be responsive on any dimensions so that user shop through mobile devices. 

Many other useful features must be available on an ECommerce website, but I mentioned some of those in the list above.

Most Asked Questions

Is this ECommerce Website Free?

Yes, It is free. Also, the Downloadable source code file is given here. Check it out now.

What is an E-commerce Website in PHP?

An online website built in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

What is the main advantage of developing an Ecommerce Website in PHP?

PHP is more Flexible, easy to learn, and popular than any other back-end Language available right now.

What are some common features of an Ecommerce website in PHP?

A shopping cart, login & register Page, admin dashboard, review system, payment gateway integration, and tracking orders are the essential features for an ECommerce website in PHP.

What are some popular PHP-based payment gateways?

Some popular payment gateways based on PHP are PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree, and 2Checkout.

What are some popular PHP-based Ecommerce platforms?

Here are some popular ECommerce platforms based on PHP Programming Language.
Magento, WooCommerce, and OpenCart.